Welcome to eBill Xpress!

Never miss your property tax bill! If you're at work, on vacation, living out of state, worried about your snail mail service, etc. there's one sure way to receive your property tax bill: eBill Xpress.

Signing up only takes a few minutes, and the application will take you through the steps. Check your junk email box if you don't see the confirmation email after you sign up. You'll want to be sure to add our email address into your approved sender list.

And the great thing is not only will you receive your property tax statement online but you'll be able to pay online as well! This is all part of your tax office's commitment to offer customers fast, convenient and environmentally friendly ways of doing business.

Here are a few other things you should know:

  • Only the property owner or the property owner's authorized agent can sign up for eBill Xpress.
  • You must sign up before Sept. 15 to receive an electronic bill for the current tax year. Sign up after this date and you'll receive your first electronic bill the following year.
  • Once you sign up for eBill Xpress you will no longer receive a paper copy of the bill, but just like the paper bill you are responsible for paying your property taxes on time even if for some reason you fail to see the bill.