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Please fill in all of the boxes. When done, please click "Continue", then review and submit your application on the next page.
Once you submit the application, the voter registration division will print it out and mail it to you with a postage paid envelope. You must sign and date it and mail it back to complete the registration process. You can go to VoteTravis.com to check on your registration and all election information.

Travis County Voter Registration

Complete These Questions Before Proceeding
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Are you a United States Citizen? Yes No
Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day? Yes No
If you checked "no" in response to either of these questions, do not complete this form.
Are you interested in serving as an election worker? Yes No
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I understand that giving false information to procure a voter registration is perjury, and a crime under state and federal law.

I affirm that I
  • am a resident of this county
  • have not been finally convicted of a felony or if a felon I have completed all of my punishment including any term of incarceration, parol, supervision, period of probation, or I have been pardoned; and
  • have not been declared mentally incompetent by final judgement of court of law.
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